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Green Flower partners with Colleges and Universities to deliver the highest-quality cannabis education programs in healthcare, agriculture, compliance and risk management, and business.


Market Data

In the last five years, the Cannabis Education opportunity has become massive

  • 400+% increase in Legalization
  • 36 States + DC = Medical
  • 18 States + DC = Recreational
  • Full Legalization – over half the U.S. population

Job Sectors Impacted

Explosive Job Growth

  • 428,059 cannabis jobs in the United States
  • 27% job growth annually for last five years 
  • 280 new jobs created every day in 2021
  • American now has 3x as many cannabis workers as dentists
  • More cannabis workers than hair stylists, barbers and cosmetologists combined 

Source: 2022 Leafly Jobs Report 


We produce the most authoritative cannabis curricula:

  • Launched 2014
  • Developed multiple industry-leading Programs
  • Extensive network of industry professionals as subject matter experts
  • Selected training partner to largest multi-state cannabis companies
  • Deep expertise in curriculum development, adult learning and skills gap

Our programs serve the job opportunities of the industry

We're an experienced team of education professionals

Our Curriculum team is comprised of experts from all sectors of higher education, including:

  • Instructional Designers with PhDs and 30+ years of combined experience teaching graduate and undergraduate courses and overseeing curriculum development, faculty training, and accreditation at top research universities
  • Distance Learning Specialists
  • Instructional Technologists and Interactive Pedagogy specialists
  • Education marketing and recruitment experts
  • Leaders in the field of University Partnerships


Our programs help people succeed in the Cannabis Industry. Green Flower partners with universities to offer the highest quality educational programs in Cannabis Medicine & Healthcare, Cannabis Enterprise, Cannabis Agriculture, and Cannabis Compliance & Risk Management. We provide a market-driven curriculum that is facilitated by top cannabis experts to offer paramount instruction from within the cannabis industry. Our cannabis education programs prepare learners to succeed across specific sectors of the cannabis industry today.

The Healthcare & Medicine Certificate advances the knowledge and practice of cannabis medicine for health care providers and allied health professionals by improving their understanding of cannabis’s medical properties. Course 1 provides a general introduction to the cannabis plant and its use and across history and cultures. Course 2 provides a baseline understanding of cannabis’s medical properties, human physiology and the metabolic pathways for cannabis, the ethics and law for cannabis healthcare practitioners, partnering with integrated medical centers, and client care. Course 3 is a deeper dive into Cannabinoid physiology and pharmacology; the final three modules conform to clinical education models for both human and animal medicine: learners are immersed in specialized disease states and their respective cannabis medical interventions. Learners create a case study and healthcare business portfolio that includes a medical leaflet.

The Compliance and Risk Management certificate prepares learners to understand risks related to operating a commercial cannabis business and how to mitigate them with a proven Cannabis Risk Management Framework. Beginning with Cannabis 101, the program will provides learners with a comprehensive overview of federal and state cannabis regulation, and the historical events that led to the formation of these laws. Learners explore industry legislation, common regulatory dilemmas, the process of securing state and local licenses, and more. They will then get trained in an industry-adopted Cannabis Risk Assessment Framework, which gives a step-by-step blueprint for becoming a successful cannabis compliance professional. This includes learning how to perform risk assessments on cannabis companies, designing and implementing risk management processes to solve potential issues, establishing compliance policies and procedures that comply with all applicable laws, and training other employees to follow compliance and risk management best practices inside the cannabis industry.Through case studies, video lectures, and assignments that cover important topics such as navigating the changing regulatory environments, using track and trace systems, preventing money laundering, and minimizing wasted products, learners gain a thorough understanding of the cannabis industry, the compliance needs and challenges.

The Agriculture & Cultivation Certificate prepares learners to actively engage in the complex process of cannabis plant production, management, and cultivation. This program is specially designed to provide both novice and experienced growers with insight regarding every aspect of the cultivation process from seed to sale. Learners explore cannabis botany, the growth cycle, environment management, sustainability challenges, cultivation, property rights, and how to succeed in the cannabis agricultural sector. Learners elect to specialize in the indoor or outdoor grow track. The course of study includes immersive and experiential learning opportunities to work hands-on with hemp or dioecious plants and visit agricultural settings to observe best practices with a range of industry experts, and culminates in a portfolio project that learners can use to apply their learning in a cannabis agricultural setting.

The Business of Cannabis Certificate explores the lifecycle of the cannabis industry from seed to sale. Drawing on the talent and experience of industry leaders in Cannabis Business and Enterprise, learners will be able to anticipate and adapt to trends in cannabis product innovation, behavioral economics, financial strategy, marketing, and challenges with sustainability. Course 1 provides a general introduction to the cannabis plant and its use and across history and cultures. In Course 2, business fundamentals of cultivation, processing and extraction, manufacturing, lab setup and protocols, distribution, retail and delivery, and licensing are addressed. Course 3 introduces challenges with real estate, regulatory compliance, marketing, sales, accounting and finance, human resources, and innovation and investment. The course of study is designed to be experiential and immersive, and involves the review and development of case studies, field work, internship or externship opportunities, and a final portfolio project grounded in a self-selected specialization in HR, sales, marketing, and finance.

Our programs are designed for educators and students​

Green Flower’s ethical imperative is to supply expert education that can be applied in a real-world setting, so we embrace design thinking methods that promote theory-to-practice learning. Design Thinking is an evidence-based learning framework in which our learners move from the more concrete to the more abstract, and from the more empirical to the more innovative. This curricular framework helps learners to reduce cognitive load; to retain information through spacing and interleaving; to master lateral and vertical thinking; and to focus on holistic, trans competent skills that will prepare them for actionable careers in the cannabis industry.

We use best practices in Universal Design, Experiential and Adaptive Learning, and Inclusion & Diversity (TILT) to build content for a broad spectrum of teaching and learning styles. Our curriculum is developed by a team of instructional design and interactive technology experts, and is rigorously reviewed and refreshed at least twice annually. Importantly, our framework undergirds and reinforces the general tools needed for academic success in any discipline, including time management, good research and note-taking skills, analytical thinking, working in teams, and leveraging digital and analog technologies.

Before creating content, we review the current policies published by the WASC and NECHE accreditation agencies. Our certificate programs are also individually checked against accreditation standards for continuing education in their fields (the American Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education sector, Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, and American Society for Horticultural Science).

We follow the same procedure that most research universities’ Academic Senates use for vetting new course and program proposals: Knowledge content is co-created by subject matter experts and learning theorists; and curricular content is co-designed with the subject matter experts, learning theorists, and a team of instructional designers, instructional technologists, and media producers to develop the learning outcomes, multimodal resources, rubrics, and formative and summative assessments around the knowledge content. Our materials are frequently compared against syllabi, resources, and assessment materials from courses being offered in sibling disciplines at top public and private universities; this ensures that our courses accommodate a broad spectrum of learners, and that they meet the rigor and standards expected at the most highly respected institutions of learning in our country.

Our instructors are the top experts in the cannabis industry

Our experts include board-certified doctors and lawyers, advanced professionals in engineering and agriculture, and policy makers. We partner with elite practitioners who hold PhDs, MDs, and JDs, and who are affiliated with major research universities and world-renowned clinics and firms; top executives and entrepreneurs with MBAs; and highly-credentialed cultivators with a minimum of 3+ years of experience in the cannabis industry

Our experts are vetted for their ability to create and deliver knowledge that is commensurate with the scholarly materials used in upper-division and graduate-level courses.

Our experts must be actively engaged in the cannabis industry today to ensure that all information is current and credible


More than just great curriculum, we bring additional value-add services:
Proven marketing and recruitment programs:

Because many common marketing channels are still not available to the legal cannabis industry, Green Flower Media has developed an alternative network of well respected and highly efficient marketing channels to cost effectively recruit students. We stay ahead of this curve both locally and nationally to develop winning digital marketing campaigns, social media assets, effective PR strategies, and more.

Instructor resources and support tools:
  • Faculty development: facilitation support for using flipped and experiential learning models
  • Mentoring: pair with an industry expert for content adaptation and development
  • Supplements: instructor course guides for supplemental materials including discussion prompts, assignment options, and best practices tips
  • Course support: technical assistance, ADA support for materials modification
Student Services
  • Employment: access to our database of employers in the industry
  • Network: bi-monthly newsletter outlining trends and opportunities specific to the certificate program, and student spotlight interview with a Green Flower alumnus
  • Career Development: portfolio and job materials development
  • Course Support: technology support for our learning management system, student learning guides for certificate programs, and ADA support for materials modification

Green Flower Employer Network

Understanding that a lack of qualified talent is one of the biggest problems hindering the growth of the cannabis industry, The Green Flower Employer Network connects students who complete any Cannabis Certificate Program offered through our University Partners with rapidly expanding, reputable, and influential companies throughout the industry who are hiring now.

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